There are several reasons why a homeowner may want to remodel their house, it could have been damaged in bad weather, it’s starting to look dated or a redesign is desired to fit the lifestyles and tastes of its inhabitants. 

Remodelling involves creating a new design and layout in a room or even the whole house. The areas that are typically remodelled by homeowners are the basement, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, garden, living room and office. 

Before starting a remodelling project you should formulate a plan and decide what things are priorities to be fixed or replaced. Tasks that are usually required are:

  • Changing cabinets
  • Installing new electrics
  • Switching out appliances
  • Replacing windows
  • Painting walls and floors
  • Putting down new flooring
  • Landscaping gardens
  • Knocking down walls

The process of remodelling even a small portion of your home will have costs and of course, these will increase with the scope of the project. The article below gives you a run-through of the main costs associated with improving your property. 

List Equipment and Tools Required

If you are planning on doing some or all of the work yourself then you will need to create the designs and form a plan with a timeline of when tasks will be completed. Listing the necessary equipment is also a good idea, firstly you will need a skip bin to throw waste in after clearing a space ready for remodelling. Getting the right size bin will save you money and at Top 3 Skip Hire you can get a good idea of the range available. Next, you should think about each stage of the project and list which tools and other equipment you need such as circular saws, screwdrivers, electric sanders and paintbrushes. 

Find a Contractor

Some remodelling projects are simply too big or complex to do alone, so typically people hire a contractor to do most of the work. Outsourcing much of the heavy lifting and technical work makes sense, although you should check they are licensed and insured. Take a look at some reviews by clients and ask to see photos and prices of past projects to help you decide if the price they give you is good value. 

Replacing a Kitchen

The cost of replacing a kitchen depends on how much it will be altered, however, it can range from $10,000 to $45,000. Typically kitchen remodels involve replacing cupboards, upgrading taps, and putting down new flooring. 

Remodelling a Bathroom

The usual features people change in their bathroom are the shower unit and fixtures, the flooring, the tub and the wall tiles. Bathroom remodelling usually costs between $10,000 and $35,000. 

Living Room Remodel 

Oftentimes the living room is subject to a remodel as people like to make them as comfortable and welcoming as possible, common living room remodels involve painting walls, knocking walls through, replacing carpet or flooring, adding or removing fireplaces, and buying new furniture. Living room remodels typically cost anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000. 

Remodelling your house can be an expensive, stressful and time-consuming experience, however, if you put a little time into planning the project and getting a grasp of the costs you will likely avoid lots of headaches and unexpected expenses in the future.